Children’s Shelter Homes

Main Goals

Rescue and restore girls in sexually abusive/exploitative situations.
Locate the families for the restoration of the girl
Provide education for the girl to reach her full potential
Provide a family atmosphere of love and fun as a safe place the girl can recover

What We Provide:

Facilities of boarding and lodging

Full Life Children Home has two shelter homes, one for short term and one for long term. Each home contains 20-30 children at any given time. The homes provide all basic needs including bedding, clothes, food, and personal items.

Medical Care

Every girl receives a medical check-up when they come into our home. Any sickness or injury that occurs, our staff nurse will provide the medicine, and transport to the hospital. Immediate attention is given to the child’s health.

Non-Formal Education

Full Life Children’s Home has in-house teachers and provides daily classes to raise the education of the girls coming into the homes. These benefit the girls to close the gap in their education, so they may attend school once restored back to their families. These classes include Maths, Hindi, English, Life skills, Health/hygiene, Exercise, Dance.

Formal Education

The girls in the long-term home are provided the opportunity to attend school. We provide their uniforms, books, and stationery needs. Paripoorna Jeevan also provides tuition classes to the school going girls to assist with homework, revision, and exam preparation.


Our on staff counsellor regularly meets one-on-one with the children to provide a safe place where they can unload their traumatic experiences. She uses counselling strategies to help them understand what has happened to them, and how to heal from these experiences.

Extra-curricular activities

Every month Full Life Children’s Home plans outings for the children. These may include going to the park, museums, flower garden, and cinemas. They also use the opportunities of local festivals, national public holidays, and birthdays to constantly celebrate life.

Create an environment to help them to overcome trauma and gain new hope

The staff of Full Life Children’s Home have a passion for these child victims, and work to create a family atmosphere, giving them the love and attention of a family. Daily they build relationships with the girls and provide a safe place for the girl to receive healing.


Family is always the best option for the child. Our Child Welfare Officer works with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and Police to trace and locate the family of the child. As the family is deemed safe, the child is restored back home. Full Life Children Home  does the follow up to ensure the girl is safe, with her family, and pursuing her studies.


Many times the child is a victim of child labour and other crimes. Full Life Children’s Home works with lawyers to fight for compensation when necessary.

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