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Delhi is a hotspot for exploiting children. This exploitation comes in many ways and one of the biggest is sexually. Everyday children are trafficked into horrific situations, where they are stripped of their innocence, and used as instruments for perverted pleasure.

Though a large amount of orphanages and charities exist, very few organisations take on the challenge to help abused and trafficked children with suitable mechanisms to prevent and penalise abuse.

About Full Life Children Home endeavours to rescue and care for, and restore abused, exploited and at risk children. Our shelter home has been running since August 2014 to provide a place of temporary and permanent care for young girls, aged six to seventeen. Our slum project works to provide training in tailoring so that young women in this situation can have an alternative solutions.

The Shelter Home works closely with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), several rescue organisations and the Delhi police, to ensure the best restoration pathway for the girl.

Our ethos is that all children deserve the love and care of family. We do all that we can to restore children referred to the home back with their families as soon as possible. Until they can be restored to their family we create that atmosphere at our shelter homes. In the slums, we work with the families as much as possible for the improvement of the whole family.

From the directors desk

Solomon Kings

Solomon Kings


“My wife and I came to Delhi 20 years ago with a burden to minister to the broken people of this city. I pastored many churches and was involved in many outreaches, teaching tuition to slum kids, feeding programs, and training up youth to be leaders.

My heart for kids in vulnerable situations began when my son was born with Cerebral Palsy. Sadly in the birth there was not enough oxygen to his brain. This gave me so much compassion. Around the same time I started to read in the newspapers, and notice alot of stories of abduction and rape happening to kids in Delhi.

I read about human sex trafficking and selling kids on the market. I heard stories of kids having using underneath their beds as a place of refuge, hiding from uncles, brothers, fathers, who would seek to abuse them. This really touched my heart and I had to do something about it.

7 years ago I began my rescue work. I believe that Every Single Child is precious and should be rescued out of the bondage, sex slavery, child labour, torture situations that they are in. No child should every have to endure this kind of horrific experiences. I have dedicated my life to developing a network of local people who now work together to strategically to prevent and rescue kids. I want to use whatever I have, the resources, the influence, the time, to rescue these innocent ones.

Please join me to do this.”


Our Vision:


Our mandate is to prevent, rescue, and restore


Our heart is to create a Godly, loving, family environment where the child can heal and grow into their true potential


Our vision is to see our kids living a full healthy life, equipped to become the leaders of tomorrow

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