Slum Project

Main Goals

Break the cycle of poverty
Identity transformation so they can move out of the slum area
Provide employment opportunities
Work wholistically with the families

What We Provide:

Tailoring Program

Due to the poverty stricken conditions of the slum, many are forced into inappropriate jobs to survive and support the family. Full Life Children’s Home opened a tailoring centre to give the opportunity for respectable employment. Everyday 30 young women attend the tailoring and tuition classes. This vocational training program lasts 6 months to 1 year.

Non-formal Education

The Slum Project provides non-formal education to the underprivileged and dropout children from the slum areas. In these educational centres Full Life Children’s Home provides Hindi, Maths, and English classes to increase the job opportunities in the future of the children.


Full Life Children’s Home has in-house teachers and provides daily classes to raise the education of the girls coming into the homes. These benefit the girls to close the gap in their education, so they may attend school once restored back to their families. These classes include Maths, Hindi, English, Life skills, Health/hygiene, Exercise, Dance.


Our nurse regularly goes out and conducts medical check-ups and treatments of the children in the program. We provide the medicine for those who are sick, if it is necessary we will take them to the hospital for the treatment.

The nurse also conducts regular health and hygiene classes to teach the children how to prevent and treat many diseases.

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